One artwork, two opinions

– About the Gábos’s work, titled: Pebble Head (bourdon) –

In the autumn of 2010 I gave two lectures at the Technical University on the history of electrogaphy and on my art activity. I asked the approximately 20 students to write about this picture of mine. They had 15 minutes. In the following you can read the two works which I liked best.

Olga Sarolta Kocsi

A crucified space vanishing in the proliferation of the dream’s golden bubbles. You are a rock one cannot go round. The burning bourdon ray of the setting sun is shining on you. But I see through you. I get an insight into you. I see your divided spaces, your cells from which you are built. Purple and gold bubbling storm. You are born before my eyes again and again. Your foams collapse and you crystallize. You are a rock by which one sits down to reflect. Pictures of past exhibitions line up in the minds. Always another thing occurs to me. Sitting by the rock one who ventures to go in the bubbling storm can meditate about such things.

Anna Magérusz

The picture radiates by all means a positive feeling for me. Although its colours, forms, and layers remind me of a mystical, mysterious thing. At first sight the picture is attractive. The crooked, pell-mell lines guide the eyes and cause a feeling as if I (the spectator) would be drawing it, like when child plays with felt tips. The forms (the two stripes which cross each other) and the one which seems to be a head (it may also be a pebble) don’t harmonize for me. I don’t know why, but I find it a little bit disturbing. They break up the harmony and enjoyable freedom of the crocked lines. Lines remind me of nerve tracks but I cannot handle the head form. It is a disturbing form for me, but the lack of it would also be disturbing. In the lack of it I would feel the picture too empty. So it is good as it is. In fact the more I look at it the more I like it. It is easy to lose myself in the harmonious whirlpool of the forms. Clearly, for me it represents autumn, childhood and jazz music. It is warm, lulling, peaceful, but not empty. I would like to see it projected on the wall in big size. Its atmosphere is more positive than that of the other pictures which we have seen.